About Us


The Seventh-Day Adventist Schools are operated and managed by the South East India Union of Seventh-Day Adventists, (Dept. of Education), 197, G.S.T. Road, Vandalur, Chennai -48. The Seventh-Day Adventists are Protestant Christians who, as the name indicates, believe in the imminent Second Advent of Jesus Christ and keep the Seventh Day of the week as the Sabbath.

They believe that Christians delight to obey the ten commandments of God, including the fourth  commandment about the observance of the “Seventh Day” of the week as the holy Sabbath. They also believe that the human body is the temple of God, and therefore it is the responsibilities of every individual to take care of his or her body in the best of health eschewing harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea and harmful drugs.

They endeavour to teach by precept and example the principles of moral ethics, spiritual values and health habits based on the Christian Scriptures in all forms of service in which they are engaged. while it is not compulsory for any one to willing compliance to the above programme by members, employees and patrons of the organization.

They teach and practice loyalty to one’s own country and uphold all governments which promote, preserve and protect basic human rights and freedom.

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Our science department consists of the three subject areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, each with its own separate suite of laboratories and specialist teachers

Seventh Day Adventists are operating 6,720 Educational Institutions including 100 Universities and Colleges and 6,620 Schools all around the world.

Our Commitment :

As a member of school family, we want you to know that you have the right to expect the following

  • Your child will always be a welcome member of the school family, and will be treated in a secure, friendly and fair manner.
  • Your child’s individual development will be our priority.
  • We will maintain our total commitment to going the highest quality of academic instruction.
  • Your child will have every encouragement and opportunity to maximize his or her potential in all areas – academic, spiritual, physical, cultural, social and personal.
  • Through a carefully structured environment and positive reinforcement we will provide opportunities for your child develop self-confidence and self-discipline.
  • Your child’s training decency and good manners will be further nurtured throught appropriate role models, specific teaching and correction.
  • We will communicate with you frequently, and in an honest and open fashion.

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